Get ready for the WMC with the Tanzanite Miami Sampler

miami tanzanite Get ready for the WMC with the Tanzanite Miami Sampler


As the clubbing calendar draws ever nearer the most prolific week of the year, and Florida prepares for yet another invasion of the electronic music industry, and the world’s finest electronic music, we at Tanzanite have been hard at work sourcing the biggest main room sounds from undiscovered producers across Europe in preparation of our first ever Miami Winter Music Conference Sampler, and we think we’ve found some real gems!

The first Miami sampler from the acclaimed Tanzanite Records showcases six tracks of uplifting progressive House, including tracks from Richard Dinsdale himself, Henri Leo Thiesen, Robbie Senza, Sam Abello and Wahlstedt, to name a few. Combined with euphoric melodies, impressive vocals, deep bass and rhythmic electronic drums and percussion, we present to you our biggest release so far in our early lifespan.


Tanzanite Records will be in Miami from the 19th of March. Look out for the sampler!


 “…Henri Leo Thiesen, Robbie Senza, Samuel Abello, Wahlstedt, Kylan Mash, Fran Garcia and Andy G are truly the artists to look out for in the future and Tanzanite Records are proud to have found these guys. We think their sound is going to be liked all over the world and feel we have only just scratched the surface with them.


This year I am very proud to announce that I will be playing at The Ultra Music Festival, Nikki Beach and the H50 Rooftop party as well as popping into many different parties.” – Richard Dinsdale, Tanzanite Records founder.




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