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Gabe Gallucci & Jed Harper – Falcon (Provoke)

Gabe Gallucci & Jed Harper’s ‘Falcon’ EP is a new five-track collaborative effort, comprised of a progressive house original, and four remixes from Kim Fai, Northend, Stranjah, and Jed Harper.



The original’s synth top-line stands out as the obvious takeaway from the track – it’s memorable, catchy melody is drawn upon extensively in each of the remixes. But the more subtle victory in this track is the stark energy-shift in the breakdown thanks to the wide dynamic range and the moodiness inherent in its instrumentation and sound design.

Jed Harper’s treatment imbues his track with an exciting and more aggressive energy than the other remixes, incorporating a driving electro bassline which sounds like it’s ready to be played for a festival audience.

The Stranjah remix is the biggest flip – it’s a jump up drum & bass anthem with the production quality and sensibilities that could only come from a musician with decades of experience. It hints at old-skool influences, yet has a wide and very fresh appeal.

The excellent mixing on Northend’s track lends itself to a percussiveness rarely achieved in progressive house. Its exciting double build is bound to be hugely successful in a live environment, where the track masterfully employs excitement-building effects-layering.

Kim Fai’s remix is victorious in the details. Its incredible timing, playful teasing, and short phrasing leaves the listener manic with anticipation naught halfway through the bridge where elements are re-used, substituted, and pared away to create maximum drama.

Useful Links:

Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/KMTjNp
Youtube: http://bit.ly/NysKey
Gabe Gallucci Falcon Chart: http://s.beatport.com/KxYc6l
Jed Harper Falcon Chart: http://s.beatport.com/KNdtGY

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