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Published on July 20th, 2011 | by soundtrackofyourday


Designforms gets Politically Incorrect in July with new LP

designforms LP Designforms gets Politically Incorrect in July with new LP


Designforms makes a statement with this seven track mini album of “Politically Incorrect” music for today’s dance floor. Several different cities are respresented on this modernistic retro approach to today’s music. We start off with E:Machinery’s “MCP” he takes us on a look into a industrial side of electo. Second, a debut from a our friends out of Northern California, RDLR (Robbie Durham and Lucas Rodenbush) that takes us back to the early days with Frizzle Fry. This track takes you into a state of mind that recalls the early days of the rave scene in San Francisco, where acid makes you move. Third, Montreal’s up and comer E-Teb gives us a heavy techno track filled with darkness, a heavy beat, and E-teb’s signature sound design for a floor banger. Staple delivers a snappy bitch slap on the fourth track that will snap some heads back. “Venom” has a vintage techno feel that will lift the dance floor during any set in classic E:Machinery and Jonra fashion. For the sixth track we have a debut from San Jose, CA producer Charles Johnson aka  “Qorser”. “Patched Emotion” is a well thought and constructed piece of music that will give you a smooth feeling along with a technical touch. To wrap it all up, Jonra steps in with a lushed out piece that needs to be served cold so “Keep Refrigerated”Designforms’ “Politically Incorrect” is not an LP for techno trend humpers, but rather for the trend setters with a timeless sound that captures the modern vintage age of electronic music that defines the label.


Soundtrack Of Your Day gives you for free an exclusive download of the first track “E:Machinery – MCP”!

CLICK HERE  to download the track 


01 E:Machinery – MCP
02 RDLR – Frizzle Fry
03 E-Teb – Spheroid
04 Staple – Bitch Slap
05 E:Machinery + Jonra – Venom
06 Qorser – Patched Emotion
07 Jonra – Keep Refrigerated



Designforms Research is more than just music; it is a peek into the mind of the electronic future. With aspects of art, sound and mind. We give you an insight to the mind of electronic music. Created by Jonra Babiracki in 2001, “I was trying to bring together sounds of many different cities and artists into one forum in LA.”"We are often replicated but never close to duplication” says Jonra. “But all others who try to do the same thing that we are just don’t seem to hit it. We are LA.. many of the people involved with this project have been doing things in LA and abroad for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on having our own style our own sound and going against the latest trend, doing something outside the box, not just being another ‘CLONE’ in the LA scene.”"I think we have had more first time artists than any other production crew in town and we will keep pushing that in the years to come. Stay tuned — we have not even started yet…” The Designforms mission is to reach out to people who are in tune with the sound we are pushing. With the launch of the digital branch of the label we will be sticking to a heavy release schedule. Featuring a lot of fresh faces, coming out of the LA underground along side some international players as well.

Designforms is focused on bringing the most cutting edge aggressive sounds in electronica to the dance floor.

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