BKEP04 Bass Kleph -Ghost Machine

Bass Kleph – Ghost Machine [Vacation Records]

BKEP04 Bass Kleph Ghost Machine Bass Kleph   Ghost Machine [Vacation Records]


Bass Kleph – ‘Ghost Machine’ [Vacation Records]
Out Now on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/K3g1N7


Bass Kleph doesn’t write tracks like the other producers.  At 15 the drummer in a massive Australian breakthrough hard-rock act, Loki, he’s gone on to become one of Australia’s best-known DJ exports – working his own unique grab bag of tech, breaks, house, funk, and recently even a foray into woozy hip-hop with “March On”.
Right through his career, he’s hand-tooled his own grooves using whatever percussion he can find to bang on.  These days he works on Maschine, a sampler he also uses to throw curveballs into live sets. Think deconstructing grooves, whispering the audience down to sweet nothing then smashing out his own live breakdowns – with Maschine played backwards over his head, for full Hendrix effect.



Ghost Machine is BK’s latest mindmeld with his sampler:  a light-hearted and driving brew of disembodied voices, grunting basslines, and intense synth fills.  It’s first of many tracks to come influenced by BK’s recent move to the US – and his recent killer run of crossover DJ/live sets at US festivals and bigger clubs.  It’s bigroom house, but it’s bigroom with the kind of twist that you only get from musicians who really know their shit… and there’s a killer whitenoise techno remix from Greece’s Christian Cambas as well.


Video of BK working Maschine: 


[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhDaCmmMsPM&feature=youtu.be’]


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