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Chloe Harris – Further Radio February 2011


01. Sam Waller – Fibonacci Sequence [4DigitalAudio]
02. Presslaboys – Incomplete (Mike Montano Groove Dub) [Kindred Sounds]
03. Neil & Edgar VM – Funk Planet (Cuartero Remix) [Factomania]
04. Kernal Key – Flying Dog [Capsula]
05. Kernal Key – Answer [Capsula]
07. Kalden Bess & Kimono – Face Your Destroyer (Ron Costa Remix) [Ground Factory]
08. Hypertic – 16 Channels [Mija]
09. Darren Rice – M9 [Heavy Reel]
10. Dopamine & Defined By Rhythm – Take Two (Meat Katie Remix) [Disconnected Audio]
11. MUTe – Modern Talk (Matador Remix) [Open Records]
12. Fiord – Scratching The Sides (Ryan Halifax Remix) [Open Records]
13. Lazy M – Ready To Rock (Marco Lansi Remix) [Capsula]
14. Muzarco – Prophet On Jupiter (Guy J Remix) [Punch Music]
15. Dawad – Inner Science [LCMTC]

Chloe Harris was born an indeterminate number of years ago as a result of a genetic experiment designed to fuse technology and funk.

Aged five, Chloe invented Kraftwerk. Aged 10 she convinced Nirvana they needed a new drummer. At 15 Chloe’s residency at the Kirkland Teen Centre gave her the opportunity to warm up for such diverse legends as Jesus, Ghandi, and His Holiness The 14th Dalia Lama.

She set up her own radio show ‘B-sides’ on Proton in early 2000 after hearing that the multimillion dollar offer from the BBC required her to work in the same building as Pete Tong. She also restarted her first radio show ‘Further’ to prepare for her flying lessons.

Soon after, she saved John Digweed and his cat from a raging house fire by using her cool ambient sounds to extinguish the blaze, they became best friends and now swap cookie recipes.

Last year she was invited by the Japanese government to lecture on synthesizer development at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and also played Womb.

More recently she declined the opportunity to be president of EMI in order to start her own label: Further, which has had major success.

In the future Chloe plans to unify Einsteins General Relativity with quantum field theory using only the bass scale.


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